What 2019 Taught Me

I chuckle a little when I see those bittersweet memes declaring 2019 as one of the worst years circulating on my Facebook timeline. A lot of my friends call me an unbearable optimist, but the reality is, it’s much easier to have a glass-half-empty approach. Behind the scenes, things are messy and sh** can get REAL. 2019 was in no way the worst year for me, but it was so formative and growing for me. Personally + within my business

I got super sick. I was on three rounds of antibiotics. My car broke down 3x after long-distance shoots. There were a few low moments that I kicked myself in the butt. I worked on myself. I learned to appreciate my strengths. There were SO many lightbulb moments and invaluable lessons. With that said, I want to open up and share one of them with you. My intention with these blogs is to encourage, educate and lift others up, so maybe this will strike a chord with you too.

“Honey, we need more of you in this world.”

If you know me, you know I’m a bubbly fizz-pop drink of a person. I laugh a lot, I’m expressive, goofy, occasionally loud and I love connecting with people. For some reason, I noticed some people didn’t like that. So, subconsciously I was like, “oh, maybe I can’t do that.” That thought slowly crept in over a year ago.

And GUYS, I can’t begin to explain how that thinking silently stole from my self-esteem. It gave anxiety and self-criticism the foothold it didn’t deserve. I remember I was driving with a friend earlier this year and I was lamenting about how I felt my personality wasn’t a good fit for what I wanted to do. She promptly stopped me and said, “NO, Misha. We need more people like you in this world. They’re too many assholes.” She went on to list all my strengths.

Boy, it really sunk in. My heart sung, “WAIT. I CAN JUST BE MYSELF?” I started to undo that harmful thinking. And since then, I’ve started to enjoy putting my personality, heart, and soul into my work without shame. What makes you different or weird is probably your greatest asset. God put that in you for a reason. To add the value only you can add. Period.

The benefits to business of knowing who you are

If you’re running a personal business that you’re the face of, how you see yourself is so dang important. Now, my brand is not who I am. But it reflects my heart. This lesson taught me to infuse my values, personality and passions into my brand. But what’s the benefit of that?

Being loud and proud about who you are will draw the right people to you. You will get to do more work you love. You’ll serve a market that will appreciate you and want to book you. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? But maybe you’re feeling nervous about that? Maybe that feels like a risk?

Friend, the risk of being complacent and conventional may be greater than the fear of standing out. Success & fulfillment lives beyond your fear of failure or rejection. You knowing + loving who you are is your first big step to doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Start by asking yourself the right questions

What do I love? Why do I do what I do? Who do I want to serve? What makes me special and unique? How can I use that do add value?