Free Drawing Class (with video!)

During lockdown, well, we all had some free time on our hands! I created this free drawing class for y’all on my instagram: a step-by-step process on how to draw your own cute cartoon face. And guys. You don’t have to be a beginner!

Watch the video above on the ‘gram and follow it alongside these simple tips & steps. This is the entire copy of the voiceover guiding you on each step for you to reference as you watch the video.

Tips to keep in mind

1. Don’t drag your pencil across the paper. Gently sketch in smoother flicks like you’re tickling it. 2. Draw lightly because we will be doing some erasing.

So step one: SHAPES.

1. Get your tools together. We’re going to behind with basic shapes. Draw an oval, triangle, circle, semi circle, a straight line, some dashes and some squiggles. That’s basically what we are going to use today. Feeling confident? Okay cool let’s go!

2. Start with an oval. Then lightly draw in these lines (see video for each following direction). This will help with your eye, nose and mouth placement and you’ll want to erase them later.

3. Where these lines intersect, draw an elongated triangle for the nose. For the eyes, draw two semi circles and a straight line (or less curved semi circle) below them. Theeeen a circle in the middle. Add flicks at the ends for eyelashes and little dashes if you want to pronounce more female features. 4. For the month, draw a little semi circle below the triangle for the mouth and for the eyebrows, draw two curved lines above the eyes. Then, two more semi circles on each side of the face for the ears. Then a little one in those semi circles. Gosh, so many semi circles.

5. My signature look is adding these cute cheeks in. They’re basically ovals and add a lot of character in but it’s totally optional.

6. Okay now, you want to gently erase those straight lines we beginned with like thiiiiis!

Alrrriiiight! Now we are on to step two. This phase all about cleaning up your cartoon face and making it look more organic.

1. We will start with the nose. There’s tons of ways we can make the nose look, so we will do something basic. First thing first, we will soften the triangle a little, round it out and add some cute nostrils. We’ll remove this harsh point and softly create a curve that connects the nose and eyebrows. This part is optional if you prefer it the other way.

2. We’re going to add some lip detail. Little bumps on top and a soft semi circle for the bottom lip.

3. Let’s round up the eye brows and dooooone. Clean up any other lines that bother you.

Now step three! This is all about adding more character to your little creation.

1. We will start with the hair. There are so many ways you can do hair, but my number one rule is making sure the hair looks flowly and natural. We will start with some gentle, curvy waves. Like water, you basically want to make sure the hair flows in a certain direction and comes together neatly. You can use lines like these if you’re feeling stuck and you can erase them later. IF YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP NOW DON’T.

2. *Don’t feel the pressure to copy mine exactly if your curves come out differently. Please remember we all have foreheads, haha! It’s cool from there to add a little fringe, or even some hair texture if you like. 3. From there, we can add circles for glasses, little dots for freckles if we like, noses rings, tattoos, earrings! You can do anything once you realise every object has a basic shape to it, or is comprised of a lot of other basic shapes.

4. And tadaaaaa, you can go ahead and add colour if you like or leave it just the way it is. You’ve created a little person! Yay! And guess what, you achieved something small today and basically learnt a new skill! Congratulations. Your brain will thank you for it later.

The last and final step is called PRACTISE. Don’t be hard on yourself, take your time and you’ll get there.

Now you know the basics, you can literally doodle whenever you want, draw your friends, yourself or create your own original characters. It’s a fun and creative way to pass your lockdown/weekend time. Creating art is really good for your mental health and well-being. So I’m a huge advocate for it. So there you have it, the basic steps on how to draw a cartoon face. Please tag me in your little drawings if you upload them to your stories or posts, I want to see those beauties and I’ll share some of them! Sending love x